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Local Employment Dynamics

LED is a partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau and state labor market agencies to provide "workforce statistics at the state, county, metro, and workforce investment area levels."

The LED home page is here.  

Listed below are three of the most important LED online tools available to researchers.

Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI)

Contains eight economic indicators -- total employment, net job flow, job creation, number of new hires, separations, turnover, and average monthly earnings for all workers and new hires.

Industry Focus

Allows users to identify the leading industries for an area, focus on a particular industry to see how it ranks among top industries, and view graphs and charts of worker characteristics within industries. Users can analyze industries by state, county, workforce investment or metro area based on eight workforce indicators.

On the Map

A Web-based mapping tool showing where people live in relation to where they work with reports on age, earnings, industry distribution, and local workforce indicators