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Congressional Research Service

Officially, the Congressional Research Service exists only to serve requests from the U.S. Congress for information on a particular topic.   A CRS publication usually is not available to the general public without the intervention of a member of Congress. Thus, there is no single public site for identifying and retrieving "all" CRS publications.

ProQuest CRS Reports

Available via W&L subscription, this commercial service is, by far, the most complete collection of CRS Reports, providing tens of thousands of reports dating back to 1917.


A project of the Internet Archive, Stanford University, and other institutions to provide a searchable archive of "all" CRS reports, albeit with some time-lag between posting and appearance here.

University of North Texas

The UNT began capturing CRS reports (1990-date) from a number of Web sites. Use the "Browse CRS Reports" (subject) and "Search CRS Reports" (key words) options, on the left side of the page.


Online site attempting to gather as many CRS reports as possible. Note the "search" option.

U.S. Department of State

The State Department's Foreign Press Center provides CRS reports relating to international relations.

Federation of Atomic Scientists

The FAS provides selected CRS reports in such areas as intelligence policy, military and national security, etc.

National Council for Science and the Environment

Over 1,000 CRS reports on issues related to environmental issues.

Thurgood Marshall Law Library

University of Maryland law library provides links to hundreds of CRS reports, browseable by subject.

The IP Mall

CRS reports on "intellectual property, cyberlaw and electronic commerce," collected by the IP Mall.

Law Librarians' Society

CRS reports on Congress and its procedures.