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U.S. Federal Government -- Statistical Agencies

A fairly comprehensive list of Federal "statistical agencies" is available here. Several of the most important are listed below.

Census Bureau

Population, housing, economic and business data, state and local governments, much more.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

National and regional economic data, trade, input-output data.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Crime, offenders, corrections, victims, courts and sentencing.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employment & unemployment, wages, spending, inflation/prices.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Aviation, rail, highway, others. See TransStats database.

Energy Information Administration

Demand, production and use (petroleum, coal, nuclear, etc.), prices, forecasts, country analyses.

Federal Reserve System

This is a link to Liber8, a site provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis which offers easy access to international, national, and regional economic and business data, as well as the FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) and FRASER (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research) databases.   Here is a link to the Federal Reserve System site.  For more options, see this page in our Web site.

National Center for Education Statistics

Enrollment, achievement, family & student characteristics, finances for all educational levels.

National Center for Health Statistics

Diseases, injuries, vital statistics (births, deaths, marriage & divorce).  Includes the CDC WONDER database.