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U.S. Federal Government -- Publication Series & Databases

Arranged by subject area, these listings contain some of the most useful publications and collections available from the Federal Government.


Statistical publications and the Agricola database.

Banks and Banking

Magazines, historical statistics, Federal Reserve statistical database.

Business and Industry

Census Bureau series, news and statistical databases, and the NAICS system.

Crime and Justice

Data on capital punishment, crime, incarceration, immigration.

Defense and Military

Important strategic documents and a statistical database.

Economic Conditions and Policy

Economic Report of the President, poverty data, other statistical compilations and databases.


Statistical publications and databases on all levels of education.


Energy production, consumption, and costs.


Climate, water, air, toxics.

Foreign and International Relations

Country policies, historic documents, travel, press ocverage.


Government finances, Congress & the Presidency, laws & regulations, voting.

Health and Medicine

Diet, disease, alcohol, consumer information, drug abuse, vital statistics.


The basic sources, plus links to important agency collections.

Voting and Elections

Voting and registration data, campaign finance data, more.