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U.S. Federal Government Publications -- Agriculture

Agricola -- Web site

National Agricultural Library's database, including access to its journal article citation index and its online catalog.

Agricultural Statistics -- 1994 - date

Annual compilation of data on agricultural production, consumption, etc. (Agriculture Department).

Agriculture Fact Book -- 1996 - date

Annual compendium.(Agriculture Department).

Economic Research Service Publications -- Web site

Research "to inform public and private decisionmaking on economic and policy issues involving food, farming, natural resources, and rural development."  (Department of Agriculture)

Census of Agriculture -- 1992 - date

Data on operations, production, and land use. (Census Bureau and Department of Agriculture).

Statistical Highlights of U.S. Agriculture -- 1995/86 - date

Annual review of data. (Agriculture Department).

U.S. Agricultural Trade Update -- 1995 - date

"Updates on the quantity and value of U.S. farm exports and imports, plus price trends." (Agriculture Department).

Yearbook of Agriculture --  1894 - 1937 and 1938 - 1992

Annual publication intended to disseminate the USDA's resarch developments to scientists, farmers, and the public.   You may search the contents of all volumes by selecting it from this page.