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U.S. Federal Government Publications -- Crime and Justice


Campus Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool -- Web site

Rapid customized reports for public inquiries relating to U.S. college and university crime data.  (Department of Education).

Capital Punishment -- 1993 - date

Annual compilation of data. (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics --  most recent and archive

Annual compilation of data on investigations, prosecutions, convictions, etc. in the Federal justice system. (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Crime and Justice Data Online -- Web site

Easy-to-use data site. (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Crime in the United States -- 1995 - date

Annual statistical compilation, part of the Uniform Crime Reports series. (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Criminal Victimization -- 1996 - date.

Annual compilation. (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Criminal Victimization in the United States -- 1992 - date

Annual compilation. (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Hate Crime Statistics -- 1995 - date

Annual compilation. (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Prisoners in [Year]... -- 1994 - date

Annual statistical compilation. (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics -- 1994 - date

Data on aspects of criminal justice, including offenses, offenders, corrections, judicial proceedings, and more. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Uniform Crime Reports -- 1995 - date

Includes some of the FBI's most important statistical publications.

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics -- 1996 - date

Annual statistical compilation. (Immigration and Naturalization Service).