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U.S. Federal Government Publications -- Economic Conditions and Policy

Beige Book -- 1970 - date

Informal regional economic surveys, published eight time a year. (Federal Reserve; this site from Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis).

Budget and Economic Outlook -- 1983 - date

Annual overview and projections.  (Congressional Budget Office.)

Economic Indicators -- 1998 - date

GPO Access's searchable database of monthly reports. (Council of Economic Advisers.)

Economic Report of the President -- 1960 - date

Annual overview of economic conditions and policy, with lots of statistics. (Council of Economic Advisors).

Economy at a Glance -- Web site

Selection of recent data on the national economy and each of the states, updated several times a month.  (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

FDIC State Profiles -- 2002 - date

Quarterly summaries of each stat'se banking and economic conditions. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corpration)

Monetary Policy Report -- 1996 - date

Federal Reserve's semi-annual report to Congress. (Federal Reserve Board).

Monthly Labor Review -- 1988 - date

Monthly magazine. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

National Income and Product Accounts -- 1930 - date

Historic compilation of monthly national income and product account statistics. (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Occupational Outlook Handbook -- current edition

Occupational forecast information. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Occupational Outlook Quarterly -- 1999 - date

Updated information on forecasts and current status of employment and occupations. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Poverty in the United States -- 1995 - date

Annual statistical report. (Census Bureau).

Regional Economic Accounts -- 1969 - date

Income and other data for regions, states, MSA's.

Regional Economic Conditions (RECON) -- Web site

"Drill down to any state, MSA, or county to view standard graphs, tables, and maps depicting economic conditions and how they have changed over time."

STAT-USA -- Web site

Collection of data services, including the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) and other files. (Commerce Department).

Survey of Current Business -- 1921 to date

Comprehensive summaries of business and economic conditions. (Bureau of Economic Analysis).

Trade Policy Agenda / Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program -- 1994 - date

Annual policy reviews. (Trade Representative).