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U.S. Federal Government Publications -- Energy

Annual Energy Outlook -- current and 1996 - date

Forecasts of energy supply, demand, and prices. (Energy Information Administration).

Annual Energy Review -- 1995 - date

Data on energy use and supplies. (Energy Information Administration).

Country Analysis Briefs -- Web site

Detailed overviews of the energy situation in each major country of the world, plus several special reports. (Energy Information Administration).

FuelEconomy.gov -- Web site

Extensive information on fuel economy for cars and trucks, as well as pollution and safety data. (Energy Department).

Information Bridge -- Web site

Database of full-text documents created by the Energy Department and its grantees in such subject areas as physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics.

International Energy Annual -- 1995 - date

Information and trends on world energy production and consumption of petroleum, natural gas, coal, and electricity. (Energy Information Administration).

International Energy Outlook -- 2003 - date

Annually-published outlook for nearly every country in the world. (Energy Information Administration)

State Energy Data -- Web site

Consumption estimates, other data for U.S. states. (Energy Information Agency)