Washington & Lee University Library Gateway Full Text of Copyright Policy Table of Contents

Washington and Lee University
Policy for the Use of Copyrighted Works
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
A. Purpose
B. What is a Copyright?
C. Fair Use
D. Review of Copyright Policy

II. Photocopying Guidelines for TEACHING AND RESEARCH
A. Copying Which is Completely Unrestricted
1. Published Works Which Were Never Copyrighted
2. Published Works Whose Copyrights Have Expired
3. U.S. Government Publications
4. State Documents
B. Copying Which is Permitted as Fair Use
1. Single Copies
2. Multiple Copies
C. Copying for Which Permission Must Be Obtained
1. Course Packs
2. Consumable Works
3. Repetitive Copying

III. Guidelines for University LIBRARIES AND ARCHIVES
A. Reproduction by Libraries and Archives
1. Photocopy and Document Delivery to University Clientele
a. Articles and Small Excerpts
b. Out-of-Print Works
c. Multiple Copies and Systematic Reproduction
2. Replacement of Damaged Copy
3. Archival Reproduction
B. Reserve Room Use of Copyrighted Materials
1. General Provisions
2. Restrictions
a. Single Copies Placed on Reserve
b. Multiples Copies Placed on Reserve
c. Course Packs
d. Repeated Use
e. Electronic Reserve
C. Interlibrary Loan
1. Restrictions on Number of Copies
2. Record-Keeping Requirements
3. Notice
D. Reproduction Equipment in Libraries

IV. Guidelines for the Use of FILMS AND VIDEO
A. Classroom Use
B. Use Outside the Classroom
C. Copying Videotapes/Off-Air Recording of Broadcasts, including Satellite TV

V. Guidelines for the Use of IMAGES
A. Definitions
B. Fair Use and Image Archives
1. Image Photocopying
2. Slides
3. Clip Art
4. Electronic Images
5. Copying Which is Permitted
6. Copying Which Requires Permission
7. Notice

VI. Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted MUSIC
A. Reproduction of Copyrighted Music
1. Copying Which is Permitted
2. Copying Which Requires Permission
B. Recording
C. Preparation of Derivative Works
D. Distribution
E. Performance
F. Licenses

VII. Guidelines for the Use of COMPUTER SOFTWARE
A. Use of Copyrighted Computer Programs (Software)
1. Copying
2. Lending
3. Archiving Copies
4. Licensing
5. Areas of Caution
B. Copyright and the Web
1. Reading, Watching, or Listening
2. Downloading
3. Home Pages


A. Obtaining Permission Directly
B. Obtaining Permission for Course Packs and Other Course Materials
C. Obtaining Permission for Reserve

X. Policy Violations and Compliance With the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Sample Permission Request Letters

Washington & Lee University Library Gateway Full Text of Copyright Policy Table of Contents