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Japanese Resources

Course Guides

LIT 295: Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

LIT 223: The Japanese Tea Ceremony

LIT 395: Legend of the Samurai in Literature and Film

"Living in Japan": a Bibliography of Sources on the Web and in Leyburn Library

Background Information

Columbia Companion to Modern East Asian Literature

Japanese Culture

Finding Books and Articles

Humanities Research Guide--Links to the Library Catalog, WorldCat and article databases

Literature and Language Websites

Columbia Companion to Modern East Asian Literature t Initiative . Many texts of classical Japanese literature, from UVA
Gateway to Japanese Language: a list of links for learners and teachers of Japanese. Includes links to language learning practice materials and language studies sites.

Japanese Online: language lessons in Japanese, links to a bulletin board for speakers of Japanese, and Japanese math story problems to tickle your brain.

Kanji alive: a searchable, web-based tool to help beginning and intermediate level students read and write Japanese kanji.

Nihongo Resources: a searchable, dictionary tool. Type in English, Japanese or Romaized Japanese.

Japanese Writing Tutor: "hone your writing skills, making your katakana, hiragana, and kanji more legible." Besides an extensive writing tutor you can also learn about the different character sets, when and how they are used, and much more.

Japanese Reading Tutor: offers tools to improve reading in addition to links to reading materials and links to reading quizzes to test your level.

Kanji Names Project: ever wonder what your name means. Learn about the meanings of Kanji characters or visit other Kanji sites from here.

Japanese Writing Study : learn to write in Japanese including stroke order and history behind the writing system. Mac users can download some useful tools for further practice.

National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japanese Studies : all kinds of educationally related links for Japan/Japanese studies. Includes lessons on Japan, online publications and much more.

Haiku for People: learn not only what haiku is but also about its political influence and its development through the years. Also learn to write Haiku or read the creations of many others.

Dhugal J. Lindsay's Haiku Universe: if you're still looking for more on haiku, they have everything covered here as well as a long list of haiku links.

How to Wow with Japanese: enjoy learning Japanese with this site. Dictionary links, Kanji and grammar help and a host of other tools.

Hiragananet: English to Japanese dictionary that posts results in English and/or Kanji. Also offers a Forum for discussion, links and some cultural tips.

World Friend Network Japan: this site specializes in offering communication opportunities between English and Japanese speakers. Includes pen pals, chat, bulletin board and a number of cultural sharing features.



Namie Amuro : see and hear the music of this popular artist. This site includes sound bytes, video clips, and games. Shockwave plugin required.

Tokyo Broadcasting System : offers listings for their radio and tv broadcasts and some sound bytes. Pages in Japanese and English.

Gagaku Japanese Music and Dance: offers information on this classical form of music and dance for ceremonies. Available in Japanese and English.

Kinema Club: find out what the scholars have to say regarding Japanese cinema. Includes reviews of recent films and tools for teaching.

The Yomiuri Shimbun : said to be the largest and most influential newspaper in Japan. Includes, news, sports, entertainment and more. Japanese, if you have the font downloaded, or English.

Kyodo News Web : Japan's latest news stories. Updated every 15 minutes. In English.

Kyushunet: News and information about Fukuoka and Kyushu. In English.


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