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Research Guide for Journalism 357
Magazine Feature Writing


Local Focus

A link to material for another of Professor Cumming's courses, intended to help find information on local history (events, people, issues).

Historical Newspapers

Online d atabases and other formats which provide access to articles from North American newspapers pre-dating the 1990's.

Contemporary Newspapers

Databases which provide access to articles from newspapers (and some other sources) from around with world, with a focus on U.S. sources.   Most coverage extends back to the 1990's.


Here are three databases which should enable you to search for and identify articles in most major magazines and lots of lesser magazines, as well as some academic journals and newspapers. Also, information on freelance opportunities.

Statistical Sources

Here are collections of data in all sorts of subject areas.  The best general-purpose source is the Statistical Abstract of the United States.


Help with MLA, Chicago, and other citation styles, as well as advice on avoiding plagiarism, is available here.

If you need some help with this research, you can contact Senior Reference Librarian Dick Grefe.