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Finding Books  --  lacs 357
multiculturalism in latin america; the case of brazil  --  pinto-bailey



Annie, the W&L library catalog, lists nearly all the books (and other materials) in Leyburn Library, the Telford Science Library, and the Law Library.

The preferred method for searching Annie for material on a particular topic/subject probably is the Keyword option on Annie's menu, which allows you to combine terms and/or to search for various forms of a term.
You can search for various forms of a word by placing one or more asterisks at the end of a term. (See this guide.)

Some sample searches:

  • brazil AND multicultural*  -- with results here
  • multicultur* AND ("south america" OR "latin america")   --   with results here
  • brazil AND literature AND (ethno* OR ethnic* OR cultur* OR race)   --  with results here
  • brazil AND (film OR "motion picture*")   --  with results here



There are two basic methods of searching for books outside the W&L library system:

  • searching individual institutions' catalogs;
  • using the commercial WorldCat system to search hundreds of library catalogs simultaneously.

Both these approaches are available through our Library Catalogs Web page.

Remember -- many books not available at W&L may be borrowed from other libraries through interlibrary loan.