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The Presidency

The W&L University Library is a selective Depository for U.S. Government publications, as are our liaw library and VMI's Preston Library.   However, even our combined collections contain only a fraction of the materials available from the Federal Government.

Most items not in our Depository collections are available online (see below) and/or through interlibrary loan.



A page in our Web site describes options for getting Presidential documents -- papers, speeches, etc.



Annie, the W&L library catalog, will identify some U.S. Government materials in Leyburn Library and our Law Library.  Most items, such as this one, are in separate Depository collections within each library.

The most important specialized database for identifying U.S. Government materials in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.  If you want to find Federal Government reports, studies, or other materials, this is the place to begin.

The LexisNexis Congressional database covers only Congressional materials (hearings, reports, etc.), but does it very comprehensively.

Important note:  When preparing your own bibliography, the "author" of any Federal Government publication begins with the phrase United States ., as in these examples.