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Politics Periodicals in Leyburn Library

This list below indicates "politics" periodicals (journals and magazines) which have been requested by the W&L Politics Department and which are available in Leyburn Library.
It should not be interpreted as a comprehensive list of all politics-related periodicals in the library, since other titles have been requested by other academic departments.

A more-or-less complete international list of "refereed" political science journals is here, courtesy of the Ulrich's database.

African American review. 

The American city & county. 

The American enterprise. 

American journal of political science. 

The American political science review. 

American politics research. 

The American prospect. 

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 

Black issues book review. 

Books & culture :

British journal of political science. 

British journal of politics & international relations. 

Brookings papers on economic activity. 

Canadian journal of political science. 

Communist and post-communist studies. 

Comparative political studies. 

Comparative politics. 

Congress & the presidency. 

Congressional digest. 

CQ weekly. 


Electoral studies. 


Europe-Asia studies. 

European journal of political research. 

Foreign affairs. 

Foreign policy. 

Foreign policy bulletin :

Foreign service journal. 


Harvard international journal of press/politics. 

Health affairs. 

History of political thought. 

International affairs. 

International organization. 

International studies quarterly. 

International studies review. 


Journal of leadership & organizational studies. 

Journal of policy analysis and management :

Journal of politics.

Journal of public administration research and theory :

Journal of public policy. 

Journal of theoretical politics. 

Journal of urban affairs. 

Law & society review. 

Legislative studies quarterly. 


The National interest. 

National journal. 


Parliamentary affairs. 

Perspectives on political science. 

Perspectives on politics. 

Policy review. 

Policy sciences. 

Policy studies journal:

Political behavior. 

Political communication. 

Political research quarterly. 

Political science quarterly. 

Political theory. 

Politics & society. 

Politics and the life sciences :


The Polling report. 

Presidential studies quarterly. 

Problems of post-communism. 

The Progressive. 

PS, political science & politics. 

Public administration quarterly. 

Public administration review. 

Public opinion quarterly. 

Representation :

The review of policy research. 

The Review of politics. 

Science, technology & human values. 

Slavic review. 


State & local government review. 

State legislatures. 

Supreme Court debates :

United Nations chronicle. 

Virginia review. 

The Weekly standard. 

West European politics. 

Women & politics. 

World policy journal.