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Reference Sources -- Politics 234
Congress and the Legislative Process

Below are some of the most important references sources for the study of the U.S. Congress.   Additional reference materials on Congress are collected in the library Web site.



Specialized sources, valuable for authoritative summaries of history, issues, individuals, statistics.

Membership of the 111th Congress: A Profile.  U.S. Congressional Research Service.

Available online.

Guide to Congress.   (6th ed.).   Congressional Quarterly.
Available online.

Major Acts of Congress.  Macmillan.

Available online.

Congress and the Nation.   Congressional Quarterly.

Available online.

Historic Documents.   Congressional Quarterly.
Available online.

Vital Statistics on American Politics.   Congressional Quarterly.

Available online.

Oxford Guide to the United States Government.  Oxford University Press.

Available online.

Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History.   Congressional Quarterly.

Available online.

Encyclopedia of the United States Congress.   Simon & Schuster.
print only:  REF JK 1067.E63 1995   (4 volumes)

Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System.   Scribner's.
print only:  REF JF 501.E53 1994   (3 volumes)


Members of Congress and their districts.

Almanac of American Politics.   National Journal.
Available online.

Politics in America.   Congressional Quarterly.
Available online.

Congressional Staff Directory.   Congressional Quarterly.
Probably the most useful resource on staff and their responsibilities, as well as information on members and their districts.
Available online.