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Reference Sources -- politics 340

American Supreme Court and Constitutional Law



Encyclopedia of the American Constitution.   (2nd ed.).   Macmillan.

Available online.

Constitution of the United States of America -- Analysis and Interpretation.   U.S. Library of Congress.
Available online.

The Founders' Constitution.   University of Chicago.
Available online.

CQ Encyclopedia of American Government -- Supreme Court.   Congressional Quarterly.
Available online. See the "Supreme Court" section.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law.   Gale.
Available online.

Updated by the American Law Yearbook.

Oxford Companion to American Law.   Oxford University Press.
Available online.

Encyclopedia of Constitutional Amendments, Proposed Amendments, and Amending Issues.   ABC-Clio.

Available online.

Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System.   Scribner's.

In printed form.      (3 volumes)

Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court.   (4th ed.)   Congressional Quarterly.

Available online.
Also in printed form.

Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States.   (2nd ed.)   Oxford University Press.
Available online.
   Earlier edition in printed form.

Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court.    (2nd ed.)  Congressional Quarterly.

In printed form.

The Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions.   Oxford University Press.
Available online.   Also in printed form.

Summaries of Leading Cases on the Constitution.   (14th ed.)   Rowman and Littlefield.
Available online.

A Practical Companion to the Constitution: How the Supreme Court Has Ruled on Issues from Abortion to Zoning.
University of California.  In printed form.

Historic U.S. Court Cases.   (2nd ed.).   Routledge.

In printed form.   (2 volumes)



Oxford Dictionary of Law. (4th edition).   Oxford University Press.
Available online.

The Language of the Constitution.   Greenwood.

In printed form.

The Elements of Legal Style. (2nd ed.).   Oxford University Press.

In printed form.

Black's Law Dictionary. (8th ed.).   West.
In printed form. 

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