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Print only (shelved in the stacks, unless marked otherwise)

W.I.S.H. : the International Handbook of Women's Studies.  HQ1180.W2 1993

Feminist Legal Literature: selected annotated bibliography.  LAW K644.A12 D43 1991

The Feminist Movement: a Bibliography.   HQ1121.N66 1992

The Women's Movement in the Seventies: and International English-language Bibliography.    LAW HQ1143.K74

Women's Studies: a Recommended Core Bibliography, 1980-1985.   HQ1180.L6 1987

Women: a Modern Political Dictionary.   HQ1595.A3 L39 2000

The Routledge Critical Dictionary of Feminism and Postfeminism.   HQ1115.R68 2000

Significant Contemporary American Feminists: a Biographical Sourcebook.   HQ1412.S56 1999

Historical Dictionary of Feminism.   HQ1115.B65 1996

The Women's Companion to International Film.   PN1993.45 W6 1994

Encyclopedia of Feminism.   HQ1115.T87 1986

A Feminist Dictionary.   HQ1115.K73 1985

The dictionary of feminist theory.   HQ1115 .H86 1995

Encyclopedia of feminist theories.    REF HQ1190 .E63 2000