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Chemistry 250: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry Research Guide

Professor Erich Uffelman

Prepared by Mary Abdoney, Science Librarian

SciFinder Scholar

  • When you are finished, be sure to LOG OFF so that another person can use it!
  • Tips:
    • You must have a Scifinder account.  Create this account from this page.  You MUST be on campus to create your account. 
    • Start with a broad search, then use limits to narrow your search by topic, author, date, publication, etc.
    • When searching by author, try to use the author's first initial instead of the first name.
      • Many publications leave out the first name, and are therefore not searchable with the first name
    • To locate an article in W&L Libraries, use the icon "Get Full Text" to search through ChemPort. get full text
      • Once you are in ChemPort, click the link "Look for the article " to locate the article via WebBridge.

      look for article

  • References:
    • To get the bibliography of an article (very helpful information) click on the "Get Cited" icon

    get cited


    • To find out who is citing a particular article (very helpful to see how the topic has developed, and especially helpful if you are doing a senior thesis) click the "Get Citing" icon

    get citing




  • This resource allows you to search by topic, author, and do citation analysis.
  • Tips:
    • Use quotes to join terms and target your search.
    • Click the "Abstract and Refs" button to read the abstract and view citation analysis.
    • Click the WebBridge button to locate the article in W&L Libraries.
    • To search by author, use the "Author Search" tab.
      • Remember to use just the first initial, or just the last name.
  • You can create a personal account in Scopus where you can save searches, set up email alerts, and preferences.
    • This is helpful for long-term projects such as theses.
  • Scopus User Guide (PDF)
  • Scopus Tutorials