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Help with accessible archives

Below are basic instructions for searching and printing when using the Accessible Archives database interface.  Much more detailed information is available by clicking on the "Help" option within the top banner.



The opening screen should present a list of contents with the instruction:

"Please select one or more items in the list below and press Continue.   (Default is all items if none is checked.)"


Use an asterisk (*) to search for all terms which begin with a basic series of letters.   Example: slave* will search for slave, slaves, slavery, etc.

Combining Terms

You may search for a multi-word phrase by enclosing the words in quotes.  

Example:  "liberty hall"

You may use AND orOR to combine search terms.

Example:  "washington college" AND student*



The results of a search are automatically listed by relevance.  You may use the "Sort" option (above the list of search results) to re-sort the list by publication date, publication, or other possibilities.


Sometimes an individual entry will include options such as "Email" and "Print version" near the top of the page.

Some individual entries will include an "Other Options" link near the top of the page, leading to "Print Version" and "Email" options.