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Help with cambridge histories online E-Books

Below are instructions for searching, printing, and e-mailing when using the Cambridge Histories Online e-book interface.

Please note: This collection's Web site was redesigned in early 2013.

You may browse among individual volumes or search for content within this collection.


The opening page for each volume displays a table of contents, with links to PDF copies of each section/chapter.



Each individual volume includes a "Search within this book" option on the right side of the page.

A separate search box, which searches through all the content of all volumes in the Cambridge Histories collection, is available near the top of the screen.

Note: To search for a multi-word phrase, enclose the words within quotation marks. Example: "scottish enlightenment"


Printing, E-Mailing, Downloading

Chapters and sections are displayed as PDF files, so printing and downloading of individual chapters/sections are PDF functions.

A separate "Email link to this book" is available on the right side of the page.