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Help with cambridge collections online e-books

Below are instructions for browsing, searching, navigating, and p[rinting when using Cambridge Collections Online e-books..  Not all options may be available with every title.


The Table of Contents is displayed along the lower right of the page and lists the thematic sections of the book, not the individual chapters.

When you click on any of these sections, the individual chapters will be displayed and you then can click on the one you want to read.
The next screen will display an abstract or extract of the chapter, with links below to PDF forms of the full chapter ("View full chapter content")..


You can search through the entire text of this volume by entering search terms in the "Quick Search" box near the upper-right corner of the page AND using the "Select the scope of your search" options to choose this one volume.

If, instead, you choose to search complete collections, you will retrieve articles from other volumes.

To search for forms of a word, use an asterisk (*).
Example: modern* finds modern, moderism, modernity,, etc.
To search for a multi-word phrase, enclose the words within quotation marks.
Example: "latin america"
To search for entries containing two or more words, connect them with AND.
Example: orwell AND socialism


Once you have selected the PDF form of the chapter, you can print the complete chapter or selected pages.