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Help with EBL E-Books

Below are instructions for searching, printing, and e-mailing when using the Electronic Book Library (EBL) interface.



You can enter the table of contents of an EBL e-book by clicking on the "Contents" tab on the opening ("Details") page of the book.

Once you open a chapter/section of the book, you can read anywhere in the book for 5-10 minutes without "borrowing" the book.  (More below.)


Once you are "inside" the book, the clickable table of contents is displayed on the left side of the page.

Options for moving from page to page ( >> , etc.) are available in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Other options in that bar include:  size of print on the page (SML/MED/LGE); copying and printing selections of text/pages; viewing pages either as (the default) image or as PDF.

Note: Some of these options are available only when the book has been "borrowed."


Once you are "inside" the book, you can use either of the Search options within the contents area to search for one or more words within the book's text.


Once you spend more than 5-10 minutes browsing or reading this e-book, you will be prompted to "borrow" the book. If you respond "yes," you can continue using the book for up to 24 hours.   At the end of that period, you have the option to "borrow" again. 

Your "borrowing" of the book does not interfere with anyone else at W&L also using the book.

Printing and Copying

Once you have "borrowed" a book, you have options in the naviagation bar to copy text or to print pages or chapters, in either image or PDF format.   Copyright provisions limit the extent of copying and printing.


For more detailed information, click on the "Help/Feedback" option near the top of any page.