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Help with ebrary E-Books

Below are instructions for browsing, searching, navigating, and printing when using the Ebrary e-book interface.


The initial display probably will include an image of the book's cover or title page.



You may move from one page to an adjacent page (forward or backward) by using the left- and right-arrows immediately above the page image, such as   

Other buttons in the bar above the page image include page magnification options 

and (to the far right) an option to display more of the page of the screen ("Resize window...")

The column on the right includes clickable access to selected sections within the book, such as the subject index, listed beneath the "TOC"  (table of contents) tab.


To search through the text of the book you are viewing, use the "Search Document" box in the column on the right side of the screen.

Results will be displayed in the column, with a magnifying glass icon Go to the first occurrence of the search term in this chapter  indicating the first appearance of your search term within a chapter or section.  Click on that icon to go to that page.  To view subsequent appearances of the term within that chapter, click on the "Next search result" button, above the page image:

  • To search for entries containing more than one word, combine the words with AND.   Example:  religio* AND colonialis*
  • To search for multi-words terms or phrases, enclose the words with quotations marks.  Example:  "native american*"

Printing and Copying

To print one or more pages, click on the "Infotools" button, above the page image: 

Then select "Print" and indicate the page or pages you want to print.

To copy sections of text, use the cursor to highlight the text, and then right-click and choose "Copy."

Create a PDF

To print a chapter or page(s) in PDF form, you first need to quickly create a personal account.

There are additional instructions on creating PDF files, printing, etc.