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Help with gale directory Databases

Below are basic instructions for searching and printing when using the Gale Directory database interface.  Much more detailed information is available by clicking on the"Help option near the top of the page.



If you click on the "Search" button near the bottom of the page (below the descriptive text), you will generate an alphabetically-arranged list of all 23,000+ organizations in the directory.


The "Quick Search / Find" option on the left side of the screen will search through the words within the directory's entries.
You can search for forms of words by placing an asterisk (*) at the end of the search term. For example, sport* will find sport, sports, sporting, etc.
Be sure to think of acceptable (near-)synonymous search terms and connect them with OR. Example: oil OR petroleum.
You can find entries containing two or more terms by combining them with AND. Example: environment* AND (reporters OR journalis*).



Once you are able to view an individual entry, there will be options above the text to

  • Create a permanent link (InfoMark)
  • Print 
  • E-mail  (to yourself or someone else)
  • Download