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Help with oxford handbook E-Books

Below are instructions for browsing, searching, navigating, and printing when using the Oxford Handbooks Online database.



The table of contents is displayed in the column on the left.  You click on the up or down arrows to move through the list.  You can click on any section heading to go to the first page of that section.

Another option is to click on the "Full Book Contents" link within the Contents section to go to a more detailed display.  Again, you can click on any section heading.


Quick Search

This function, at the top of the column on left, offers two options:

  • "Search entire site" finds words within all published Oxford Handbooks Online titles, not just ones available at W&L.   We do have some of these books in printed form, listed here in our online catalog.  As of June 2011, we have only one title online.
  • "Search this title only" finds words only within the e-book you are using.

Advanced Search

Also near the top of the column on the left, this option allows more complete searching capabilities, including author names.

Search Hints

  • To search for entries containing two or more word, combine the search terms with AND.  Example:  pelosi AND partisan
  • The interface will automatically search for forms of a word.  Example:  partisan will find bipartisan, partisanship, etc.  You can enhance this capability by using an asterisk as a wildcard term.  Example:  partisan*
  • To search for a multiword term or phrase, enclose the search terms within quotation marks.  Example:  "interest group"

Printing and Copying

Once you are viewing the text of an essay, several additional options appear.

  • A "Printer Friendly Page" appears near the top of the screen.
  • "Full Essay PDF" appears in the column on the left.