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Help with safari books online E-Books

Below are instructions for browsing, searching, navigating, and printing when using the Safari Books Online e-book interface.

Two of the three tabs beneath the book's description on the opening page offer access to information from the e-book:


Table of Contents -- Browsing

Click on any of the book's sections or chapters to view that material.

Search this Book -- Searching

This option will find words within the text of the e-book.

  • To search for entries containing more than one word, simply enter the words.   Example:  harassment feminist
  • To search for multi-words terms or phrases, enclose the words with quotations marks.  Example:  "gender inequality"

Viewing and Navigating

Once you are viewing a particular page, clicking on the "Full Screen" option (above the text) might be helpful.
Also above the text are:

  • left and right arrow (to move to an adjoining page)
  • options to zoom in and zoom out.

Printing, Downloading, E-Mail

Options for print and e-mailing are above and to the left of the book's text, but you may print or e-mail only one page a time.  E-mailing sends only a link to a page and, hence, that link is accessible only to members of the subscribing (W&L) community.