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Help with Sage E-Books

Below are instructions for searching, printing, and e-mailing when using the Sage Knowledge-book interface.



Chapters and sections can be opened by clicking on the links listed beneath "Table of Contents."



To search the contents of a Sage e-book, use only the "Search" box beneath the book's title.

Once you open a particular chapter or section, that search box focuses only on that chapter or section.  To search the book's entire contents, you must return to the book's opening page.

  • You can search for forms of a term by using an asterisk (*) to substitute for missing letters. Example: cognit* finds cognitive, cognition, etc.
  • To find entries containing two or more words, connect them AND.   Example: gay AND discriminat*
  • To search for synonyms, connect them with OR.    Example:  (gay OR homosexual*) AND discriminat*
  • To find entries containing a multi-word phrase, enclose the words within quotation marks. Example: "standardized test*"
Printing and E-mailing

When you are veiwing an individual article or chapter, options above and to the right of the entry will include:

  • printing;
  • e-mailing;
  • downloading (PDF);
  • and more.

For more information, see the "Help" option at the very top of the page.