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Help with elsevier / sciencedirect E-Books

Below are instructions for browsing, searching, navigating, and printing when using Elsevier's ScienceDirect e-book interface.


The opening screen may contain an alphabetical listing of entries, as well as links to an authors/contributors list, a subject classification, and other options.

You can "open" the contents of some sections by clicking on the appropriate plus-sign (+).


To search the contents of this database (e-book), use the "Quick Search" option near the top of the page.

  • To search for forms of a word, use an asterisk (*). Example: environmen* will find environment, envrionmental, environmentalist, etc.
  • To find articles containing a multi-word phrase, enclose the search terms within quotation marks. Example: "swine flu"
  • To find articles containing two or more search terms, connect them with AND. Example: behavior* AND school*
  • Be sure to consider synonyms for search terms. Example:swine flu" OR "swine influenza" OR h1n1

Important: Search results automatically are listed by "date."  You may want to re-sort them by "relevance."


You can display articles in either HTML or PDF format.  You also can opt to e-mail citations, with links to the article text.

Note: The links within these e-mails may not work from off-campus locations.