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These are organizations or sites which do no news reporting on their own.  Instead, they gather news accounts from sources from around the world and present them in thematic collections.


Links to over 300 European newspapers in 27 countries, with UK papers as the default.  You can choose another country from the alphabetical listing of flags at the top of the screen.   (European Journalism Centre)


Multilingual open-access web portal to "Europe's leading cultural magazines," drawing on 80+ print publications and selected Web resources.

Google News

Stories from over 4,500 news sources worldwide, updated every 15 minutes.


Covering over 17,000 news sites and updating every 5 minutes.

RealClear World

Selection of "the best international news, opinions and analyses from English-language publications in over 50 countries and all six continents."   Note links at top of page to specialized Politics, Sports, and Markets collections, among others.

World Press News

International, nonpartisan magazines contains mostly "articles reprinted from the press outside the United States...  Reprinted articles are subject to editing, translation, and excerpting. Illustration and photo selection, captions, and some headlines accompanying reprinted articles are by Worldpress.org's editors."

Yahoo! News

News feeds -- wire services, business, most popular stories, etc.