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ISSN / ISBN Publication Name Publisher Works
9780982156117 Tables: Poems   Pinyon Publishing 1
Tahoma Literary Review   Tahoma Literary Review 1
978-0-7695-3383-4 TAIC PART   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1
0813920507 Taking responsibility: Comparative perspectives   University Press of Virginia 1
Taking time. Chapbook. IV   s.n. 1
Talking Writing   Talking Writing 4
0896-064X Tampa Review   University of Tampa 1
Tapa notebooks: Lesley Wheeler (a writing journal online exhibit for the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre)   University of Auckland, New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre 1
9780812243888 Tax and spend: The welfare state, tax politics, and the limits of American liberalism   University of Pennsylvania Press 1
978-94-6300-089-5 Teaching gender through Latin American, Latino, and Iberian texts and cultures   Sense Publishers 1
Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology   Ecological Society of America 1
0268-3679 Teaching Mathematics and its Applications   Oxford University Press (OUP) (Yellow) 1
9781603290807 Teaching narrative theory   Modern Language Association 1
1532-8023 Teaching of Psychology   SAGE Publications (Green) 3
9781475821369 Teaching social studies in an era of divisiveness: The challenges of discussing social issues in a non-partisan way   Rowman & Littlefield 1
0092-055X Teaching Sociology   American Sociological Association 1
0040-1951 Tectonophysics   Elsevier (Green) 2
0807130338 Telling others what to think: Recollections of a pundit   Louisiana State University Press 1
978-0-8263-5645-1 Tending the fire   University of New Mexico Press 1
9780739134009 Terasaki Hidenari, Pearl Harbor, and occupied Japan: A bridge to reality   Lexington Books 1
0040-4020 Tetrahedron   Elsevier (Green) 1
0040-4039 Tetrahedron Letters   Elsevier (Green) 1
0885-2685 Texas Review   Sam Houston State University, English Department 1
0975-0843 Thanal Online   Thanal Online 3
1578062845 The aesthetics of Toni Morrison: Speaking the unspeakable   University Press of Mississippi 1
0002-8762 The American Historical Review   Oxford University Press (OUP) (Yellow) 4
0003-0031 The American Midland Naturalist   University of Notre Dame, Department of Biological Sciences 1
9780520259164 The art of the gut: Manhood, power, and ethics in Japanese politics   University of California Press 1
9781409462040 The Ashgate research companion to Anthony Trollope   Routledge 1
9781409423737 The Ashgate research companion to the Counter-Reformation   Ashgate Publishing Ltd 1
9780754662457 The Ashgate research companion to Thomas Hardy   Ashgate Publishing Ltd 1
1935-1682 The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy   De Gruyter (Yellow) 1
978-0618517473 The best American mysteries 2006   Houghton Mifflin 1
978-1501127755 The Best American Poetry 2017   Scribner Poetry 1
978-0205901845 The Blair reader   Addison-Wesley 1
The Body Beautiful   Your Inner Vagabond 1
0888-045X The Bottom Line   Emerald (Green) 1
9781604542097 The Calaboose epistles: Stories   Iris Press 1
0521495253 The Cambridge guide to women's writing in English   Cambridge University Press 1
9780511762284 The Cambridge history of American poetry   Cambridge University Press 1
9781139013796 The Cambridge history of the English novel   Cambridge University Press 1
0008-6797 The Carolina Quarterly   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of English 2
0008-8080 The Catholic Historical Review   Catholic University of America Press 1
The CDC Poetry Project   The CDC Poetry Project 1
978-1-4985-3462-8 The city-state of the soul: Self-constitution in Plato's Republic   Lexington Books 1
0009-840X The Classical Review   Cambridge University Press (Green) 1
0746-8342 The College Mathematics Journal   Mathematical Association of America 1
2048-0792 The Comics Grid   Open Library of Humanities 1
978-0275962623 The creation/evolution controversy: A battle for cultural power   Praeger 1
9780945083207 The creative writing murders: A short novel   Louisiana Literature Press 1
080062677X The cross and human transformation: Paul's apocalyptic word in 1 Corinthians   Fortress Press 1
978-0739178720 The culture and philosophy of Ridley Scott   Lexington Books 1
The dances of the firmament: The classical astronomy of the solar system   Washington and Lee University 1
2331-6888 The Dialogist   Michael Loruss, Ed. & Pub. 1
978-3-11-037651-7 The digital humanities and Islamic & Middle East studies   De Gruyter 1
9780030314544 The economic approach to environmental and natural resources   Thomson/South-Western 1
1749-852X The Economics of Peace and Security Journal   Economists for Peace & Security 1
9781595341464 The ecopoetry anthology   Trinity University Press 1
9780190683450 The ethics and law of omissions   Oxford University Press (OUP) 0
9780190683450 The ethics and law of omissions   Oxford University Press (OUP) 1
9780823230150 The exorbitant: Emmanuel Levinas between Jews and Christians   Fordham University Press 1
1530-6860 The FASEB Journal   Federation of American Society of Experimental Biology 6
0826212751 The fictional world of William Hoffman   University of Missouri Press 1
1540-8884 The Forum   De Gruyter (Yellow) 1
9781938187001 The future of nuclear power in the United States   Federation of American Scientists 1
978-0-470-94758-6 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and philosophy   Wiley-Blackwell 1
978-3-515-11523-0 The gods of Greek hexameter poetry: From the archaic age to late antiquity and beyond   Franz Steiner Verlag 1
9780446534970 The good daughter: A memoir of my mother's hidden life   Grand Central Publishing 1
978-0807164976 The guerrilla hunters: Irregular conflicts during the Civil War   LSU Press 1
9781580441148 The hands of the tongue: Essays on deviant speech   Medieval Institute Publications 1
978-3-0346-0098-9 The Hardy space of a slit domain   Birkhauser 1
1521-1568 The Hill   Capitol Hill Publishing Corp. 1
1540-6563 The Historian   Wiley (Yellow) 1
0252028627 The hollow log lounge: Poems   University of Illinois Press 1
9780813928166 The horse in Virginia: An illustrated history   University of Virginia Press 1
0018-702X The Hudson Review   The Hudson Review, Inc 1
The Huffington Post   The Huffington Post Media Group 6
9783876909790 The imprints of terror: The rhetoric of violence and the violence of rhetoric in modern Russian culture   Gesellschaft zur Forderung slawistischer Studien 1
The Journal   The Ohio State University, Department of English 4
1469-5138 The Journal of African History   Cambridge University Press (Green) 1
1542-734X The Journal of American Culture   Wiley (Yellow) 1
0021-9118 The Journal of Asian Studies   Cambridge University Press (Green) 4
1828-3179 The Journal of Fasti Online   International Association for Classical Archaeology 1
1549-4721 The Journal of Japanese Studies   Society for Japanese Studies 3
1558-9579 The Journal of Middle Eastern Women's Studies   Indiana University Press 1
0022-278X The Journal of Modern African Studies   Cambridge University Press (Green) 1
The Journal of Pacific Asia   Seori Shobo 1
1540-5931 The Journal of Popular Culture   Wiley (Yellow) 1
0075-4358 The Journal of Roman Studies   Cambridge University Press (Green) 1
1551-3432 The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning   Society of Scriptural Reasoning 1
0022-4545 The Journal of Social Psychology   Taylor & Francis (Routledge) 1
1534-7524 The Journal of Wealth Management   Institutional Investor, Inc. 2
9781612331287 The language of music revealed: A real easy way for anyone to learn to read and write music   Universal-Publishers 1
1557-203X The Latin Americanist   Wiley (Yellow) 2
1840646462 The leadership dilemma in modern democracy   Edward Elgar Publishing 1
9780300110296 The Leningrad blockade, 1941-1944: A new documentary history from the Soviet archives   Yale University Press 1
0024-4589 The Literary Review   Fairleigh Dickinson University 1
0148-3250 The Louisville Review   Spalding University 2
0025-1216 The Malahat Review   University of Victoria 2
0807128996 The man who loves Cezanne: Poems   LSU Press 1
1469-347X The Marketing Review   Westburn Publishers 1
9781442212947 The Marshall mission to China, 1945-1947: The letters and diary of Colonel John Hart Caughey   Rowman & Littlefield 1
9789264044241 The Marshall Plan: Lessons learned for the 21st century   OECD Publishing 1
1096-746X The Medieval Review   Medieval Institute Press 1
1548-9930 The Missouri Review   The University of Missouri 4
9783110270006 The muse at play: Riddles and wordplay in Greek and Latin poetry   De Gruyter 1
1543-3455 The National Poetry Review   National Poetry Review 1
978-0-19-999807-4 The nature of moral responsibility: New essays   Oxford University Press (OUP) 1
The Nepotist   The Nepotist 1
0028-4866 The New England Quarterly   Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press) (Yellow) 1
1931-7948 The New School Psychology Bulletin   The New School for Social Research 1
978-1-4968-0679-6 The new territory: Ralph Ellison and the twenty-first century   University Press of Mississippi 1
9780978520328 The Ones We Have   Flying Trout Press 1
9780773443518 The origins and early history of American wind music: Instrument makers, composers, instructional methods, and ensemble performance   Edwin Mellen Press 1
9780199743377 The Oxford encyclopedia of American social history   Oxford University Press (OUP) 2
9780199978076 The Oxford handbook of cognitive literary studies   Oxford University Press (OUP) 1
978-0-19-993382-2 The Oxford handbook of undergraduate psychology education   Oxford University Press (OUP) 1
9789589799550 The people behind Colombian coal: Mining, multinationals and human rights   Casa Editorial Pisando Callos 1
9780739144060 The philosopher's song: The poets' influence on Plato   Lexington Books 1
9780813141701 The philosophy of Ang Lee   University of Kentucky Press 1
9780195327939 The philosophy of deception   Oxford University Press (OUP) 1
9780415939270 The philosophy of science: An encyclopedia   Routledge 1
The pleasures of Franconia   PublishAmerica 1
1930-7365 The Pluralist   University of Illinois Press (Yellow) 1
1572331976 The poetics of enclosure: American women poets from Dickinson to Dove   University of Tennessee Press 1
9781442641563 The poetics of speech in the medieval Spanish epic   University of Toronto Press (White) 1
9780813039763 The poetry of James Joyce reconsidered   University Press of Florida 1
0226034372 The Pope's body   University Of Chicago Press 1
The process of writing news   Brian E. Richardson 1
978-0205454402 The process of writing news   Pearson 1
The Professional Geologist   American Institute of Professional Geologists 1
1048-6542 The Public-Access Computer Systems Review   University of Houston, University Libraries 1
1066-1883 The Raven Chronicles   Raven Chronicles 2
9781619760127 The receptionist and other tales: Poems   Aqueduct Press 1
9780945083351 The red wolf: A dream of Flannery O'Connor: Poems   Louisiana Literature Press 1
978-1118720424 The Resource handbook for academic deans   Jossey-Bass 1
0034-6446 The Review of Black Political Economy   Springer Verlag (Green) 2
0034-6632 The Review of Metaphysics   Philosophy Education Society Inc. 5
9780674061385 The revolution in Venezuela: Social and political change under Chavez   Harvard University, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies 1
9780813030111 The rise of nationalism in Venezuela   University Press of Florida 1
978-0-8156-3345-7 The road to the spring: Collected poems of Mary Austin   Syracuse University Press 1
The Roanoke Times   Landmark Communications, Inc. 3
0273-446X The Rural Educator   National Rural Education Association 1
1467-9434 The Russian Review   Wiley (Yellow) 1
The SES Indicator   Public Interest Directorate's Office of Socioeconomic Status (SES) 1
2152-405X The Social Studies   Taylor & Francis (Routledge) 1
9780810123946 The Southern press: Literary legacies and the challenge of modernity   Northwestern University Press, Medill School of Journalism 1
0038-4496 The Southern Quarterly   University of Southern Mississippi 3
0738-8993 The Spoon River Poetry Review   Illinois State University, English Department 3
1931948224 The "strange girl" in twentieth century Spanish novels written by women   University Press of the South 1
The strangest fruit   McClung Companies 1
The Tenth International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy   Zhenjiang daxue chubanshe 1
9780739110331 The theater of teaching and the lessons of theater   Lexington Books 2
9780761826491 The ties that bind: Questioning family dynamics and family discourse in Hispanic literature   University Press of America 1
9780718895181 The Universe is indifferent: Theology, philosophy and Mad men   Lutterworth Press 1
9780802867674 The unrelenting God: God's action in scripture: Essays in honor of Beverly Roberts Gaventa   William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company 1
9780981617602 The veil in all its states   University of Montana, Printing & Graphic Services 1
0889-6127 The Virginian-Pilot   Landmark Communications, Inc. 2
0740-5421 The Washington Post Magazine   Graham Holdings Company 1
9780976823810 The ways of providence: Religion & George Washington   Mariner Publishing 1
9780425227657 The widow's season   Berkley Books 1
1529-5443 The Writer's Chronicle   Association of Writers & Writing Programs 1
9781844710638 The zen of La Llorona   Salt 1
978-0-7864-7312-0 Theater of war and exile: Twelve playwrights, directors and performers from Eastern Europe and Israel   McFarland 1
0192-2882 Theatre Journal   Johns Hopkins University Press (Green) 1
1520-8206 Third Coast   Western Michigan University, Department of English 1
0302-9743 Third International Workshop on the Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication   Springer Verlag (Green) 1
0143-6597 Third World Quarterly   Taylor & Francis (Routledge) 1
0415936810 This bridge we call home: Radical visions for transformation   Routledge 1
0807825832 This is where we live: Short stories by 25 contemporary North Carolina writers   University of North Carolina Press 1
9780814293522 Thomas Hardy's brains: Psychology, neurology, and Hardy's imagination   The Ohio State University Press 1
2164-7933 Thrush   Thrush Press 1
9781575911267 Thunder at a playhouse: Essaying Shakespeare and the early modern stage   Susquehanna University Press 1
978-3-88280-089-0 Tibetan art and architecture in context   International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies GmbH 1
9788492819683 Tierra de canela   Viceversa 1
Time Present: The Newsletter of the T. S. Eliot Society   T. S. Eliot Society 1
9781936671229 Time's body: New and selected poems 1994-2014   Pinyon Publishing 1
1541-521X Tin House   Tin House 1
To my sleepy muse   Fishwick Books 1
9781628460193 Toni Morrison: Memory and meaning   University Press of Mississippi 1
9781441119681 Toni Morrison: Paradise, Love, A Mercy   Bloomsbury Publishing 1
1544-273X Tourism in Marine Environments   Cognizant Communication Corporation 1
9781845933234 Tourism management: Analysis, behaviour, and strategy   CABI Pub. 1
978-0292728882 Toward a cognitive theory of narrative acts   University of Texas Press 1
978-1611476699 Toward a multicultural configuration of Spain: Local cities, global spaces   Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 1
0362-1529 Traditio   Fordham University Press 1
1057-1027 Tradition and Discovery   Philosophy Documentation Center 5
9780307268235 Train to Trieste   Alfred A. Knopf 1
9780822350644 Trans-Americanity: Subaltern modernities, global coloniality, and the cultures of greater Mexico   Duke University Press 1
0002-8487 Transactions of the American Fisheries Society   Taylor & Francis 2
0002-9947 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society   American Mathematical Society (Green) 4
0041-1132 Transfusion   Wiley (Yellow) 1
CPS-8776 Traveler's tales: Recent compositions (2003-2006) Ardo Consort   Capstone Records 1
978-1557289957 Tremors: New fiction by Iranian American writers   The University of Arkansas Press 1
1889-6871 Tribuna Norteamericana   Universidad de Alcala 1
Triplopia   Triplopia 3
1936-1645 Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature   University of Tulsa 2
0041-462X Twentieth Centry Literature   Duke University Press (Green) 1
0521834449 Twentieth-century American fiction on screen   Cambridge University Press 1
9781317363132 Twitter and elections around the world: Campaigning in 140 characters or less   Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 1
Two poems   University of Georgia Press 1

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