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SONY Digital Voice Recorder Instructions

To Record*:

  1. Turn ON recorder slide "Hold" button all the way to left and hit "ENT" button;
  2. To record, hit red button on right of device.
  3. To turn OFF, slide "Hold" button all the way to the right and hit the "Play" button.

To Download Audio File (PC Instructions):

  1. Plug into Computer;
  2. Open "My Computer" on PC;
  3. Click on "IC Recorder";
  4. Open the "VOICE" folder;
  5. Your MP3 file will reside within one of the numbered folders named "FOLDER"; ignore the files named "VOICE";
  6. When you have located your MP3 file, copy it to your destination (h: drive, personal thumb drive, etc). You can drag and drop your file or copy/paste;
  7. When finished, look at the taskbar, in the lower right corner of the screen and select the safely "Remove Hardware" icon;
  8. In the window that appears, select USB Mass storage device, and press the "Stop" button.

*Headsets, for use with the Voice Recorders, may be checked-out at the Information Desk of the Leyburn Library.

For questions please contact ITS @ (540) 458-4357.