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2013-14 Locked Study applications are due by Monday, September 9th . Notification of study assignments will begin during that week. Those receiving assignments will be notified via e-mail.

  • First priority is given to seniors willing to share a study and/or to those writing honors theses. They are assigned a study for two terms, Fall and Winter;
  • Second priority is given to faculty members doing research. They are assigned a study on a one-term basis;
  • Third priority is given to upperclassmen writing papers that require extensive library research. They are assigned study on a one-term basis;
  • Students with unique medical needs must be recommended by a Dean of the College. They will be assigned on a case-by-base basis;
  • Assignment of locked studies and distribution of keys is made after the start of each term. Keys must be turned in at the end of each term, unless you are a senior writing an honors thesis. If you are not a senior writing an honors thesis you must reapply for each term that you wish to use a locked study
  • A fee of $30 will be charged for keys not returned at the end of the assigned term. A hold will be placed on your account until the fee is paid or the key is returned;
  • Hot plates, coffee pots, candles, or open flames of any kind are not allowed in the library;
  • All library books you are using must be checked out;
  • Library staff may enter locked studies periodically to check for books/periodicals that are not checked out and will discard any food, drink, or tobacco products found in the study;
  • If it appears your study is unused, you may be asked to vacate it so someone else can utilize it.