L-F Ltr Undated

Dear Mary,

I have more currants than expected I am afraid it will be too great a task upon yr kindness, particularly as I do not know whether you wd prefer them prepared. Please do not undertake any more than quite convenient. I send 6 lbs of sugar havn 't an idea whether it is right! Please let me know. We have so many glasses I didn 't indulge in new ones, but cannot think of your having the trouble of tieing (?) them up - if you will let me know (Page 2 ) when to send for them I 'll give the servant a waiter & cloth & we will tie them here. We want jelly principally in the Autumn when our house is full so don 't be uneasy about us keeping! I can send any variety of jars if you prefer, do let me know by Sanford if you want anything else.

In haste

Agnes Lee

Written across Page 2 is:

Mrs McDonald