L-F Ltr 12 SEPT 1866


Lexington 12th Sept 1866

My dear sir

I will only enclose a short note as Mary has written to you expressing my thanks for your kindness & regretting the trouble that may have devolved upon you in consequence as none of my family can go to Washington at present. My cousin Miss Heather Williams who lived with us at Arlington many years, will leave here on Monday for George Town & will confer with you on the subject of the removal of our property She will also go over to Arlington where she left many articles of her own with full authority from me to take anything she desires to Mrs Kennon is in George Town. We have a faithful woman still at Arlington who was left in charge of the house Selina Grey, who can give more information concerning all that is contained than any one else & who in vain exerted herself to save what was so dear to me from destruction - I am particularly anxious to recover my family Bible & a very old one with clasps. The frames of all my pictures which I left hang (Page 2) ing on the walls of the rooms & which could have been of little value to any one else, a small Mexican saddle mounted with silver left in the garret & a large package sewed up in linen containing very handsome crimson silk brocade curtains & an old fashioned brocade --?-- of my grandmother - all our house silver - I mention these things because Col Taylor was kind enough to say that he would institute some search for things that were missing I shall be very happy to receive the list of what has been left in the & can readily furnish one of what was there if it would be of any avail I write in great haste as I do not want to miss this mail. Can write more fully by Miss Williams if necessary

The Genl unites with me in kindest regards to yr self & family

Yours most truly

M C Lee   

There are several lists of items. They include:

Two mahogany knife cases

Old fashioned was stand

Old green silk window curtain fringes

White hooked curtains & counterpane


Washington Coat of Arms

Old andirons

Old stick chair

One large china bowl

One green china tea pot. Two others

One flat dish. Blue India China

3 glass finger bowls

List two:

Cincinnati China

40 plates. 10 flat dishes

6 small pieces

3 pieces of M. W. China

These are all my daughter Mary saw but a friend told me there were 2 old fashioned granite plated candlesticks I left at Arlington she saw there. I left also 2 plated round waiters with the Lee crest a squirrel in the middle, a plated basket, & other small oval glass which came from Mt Vernon

I am very anxious to recover the other china vase & bowl

M C Lee

Two china vases with tigers and leopards

on one side, landscapes on the other

2 large mahogany bureau, brass --?--

Small oval mahogany tea table

Two glass chandeliers (old fashioned)

One oval mirror, gilt frame

Small mahogany cabinet with little drawers

(One drawer gone)

7 Washington tents & tent poles

One suit of Washington clothes

  (Buff worked with blue)

One green chintz sofa cover

10 iron framed glass hall lamps

Old iron chest