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Dear Mrs. McDonald,

I enclose the address of the store my white dress came from. Of course I think it will be safer for you to ask some friend to select a dress lady for you, but if you know of no one, I suppose you might describe the kind you want & name the price you wished to give. Cousin M 's with the long Jacquet & bias tucks was $9.50. There were none of that style left when (Page 2) mine was bought. I suppose they bring them in frequently. Mine with the two skirts & ct was 10.00.

I dont know whether my endorsement amounts to any thing! I found the composition difficult. Mama asks if you have a nice Jacquet pattern that wd --?-- to make the Jacquet of a striped white muslim dress? I believe she prefers it not cut at the back. Love to Mrs. H & her sons. Sincerely Agnes Lee