L-F Ltr 26 DEC 1866

Lexington 26th December 1866

My dear sir

I wrote you a long letter some time ago concerning the furniture & will not repeat what I then said & also enclosed a note to Mr Muir which I hope you received safely. I now send you a letter to a gentleman whom you may possibly know some thing about & have left it open that you may read before delivering it you can then seal it up & give it to him if he is still at your Hotel. He says he is now a resident of Manilla Erie County New York & I am suspicious of any thing (Page 2 ) from that latitude If you know any thing satisfactory concerning him I should be obliged to you to inform me, Excuse this hurried note as I do not like to delay writing longer. With all the best wishes of this genial season for yourself & family

Believe me most truly

yrs M C Lee

Address on envelope:

Mr John Green

Maimin (?) House

Care of

Miss R Powell