L-F Ltr 26 OCT [1848]


Arlington October 26th

I have been a long time my dear Caroline acknowledging the receipt of your kind letter & the packages which all arrived safe by Mr Gallagher & have been much prised I assure you - the memoir of Mrs Ludlow is most deeply interesting & we are still enjoyed in the perusal of Southey & Coleridge. Father was much flattered by your remembrance of him & is always enquiring when you are coming South again His puss is as great a favorite as ever & Spec is rejoicing in his Master = s return we are all very as you left us with the addition of Mr Lee to our circle & this happiness we are always expecting to be deprived of as he will probably be obliged to go North & then to Florida on Engineer duty. So you see there is no perfect bliss on earth a very trite remark you will say but one which is daily more & more impressed on our hearts - Your friend in Alexa Mrs Pagimone is every hour expecting her accouchment & I am told is very much depressed having an idea that she shall not survive tho = there is nothing in her present state to sanction such a belief as she is well enough to visit about among her friends ( Page 2) I saw Mrs Gurley a few days since she was quite well & cheerful Caroline has been disappointed in her expectation of getting out to the west & was still there I do not know how they expect to get along if Mr Gurley does not get the chaplaincy this year

I have just returned from spending the day at Mt Vernon It looks lovely & mournful with all the touching reminiscences of bygone days & the master spirit that presided there & whose image always fills my imagination tho = I never saw him - It was a soft beautiful day & the falling leaves seemed to accord well with the decaying state of all things around me but the hero sleeps calmly undisturbed by the surrounding ruin & well he has earned his repose crowned with undying glory & honor --. Mr Lee has not yet received his orders for Boston but when he does he will certainly see you if you are in New York - I have not seen Miss Helen since she returned but have received a note in which she says your Father expects to go to house --?-- again - I hope you will certainly come & see us again if not this winter, in the Spring when I trust the good old Zack will be comfortably seated in the Presidential chair The agony must soon be over now & we shall know our fate (Page 3) I saw Margaret Ritchie the other day She looked remarkably well & they say Dr Stone is very attentive to her. Ann Eliiza is to be married to a Mr Cross & there is another Mr Stone for Charlotte If Genl Taylor is elected these gentlemen will be obliged to improve the times for I suppose their stay will be short I shall regret their leaving Washington very much as they are most pleasant acquaintances - You must excuse this very dull letter so devoid of all interest & incident - but you know what a monotonous life I lead & how very stupid the fitting up of children with winter clothes must make one & all their little smart sayings are only interesting to a parent = s ear

Mother is very well & unites with me in much love to you & your family Also Mr Lee & my Father sends kind regards Do let me hear from you soon Perhaps you will be able to write with more certainty now - Tell your papa I hope he is moving Heaven & earth for the Whigs It will be too great a misfortune to have Mr Cass for a President I forgot to thank you particularly beautiful ribbons I was just about purchasing some & your (Page 4) kindness relieved me from that trouble

good night yrs most affectionately

M C Lee

Address on envelope:

Miss Cora C Peters

Care of John Peters Junior Esqr

No 539 Broadway

New York