L-F Ltr undated (but after General Lee ' s death in October 1870)


I have long intended to write my dear Mrs Stribling & thank you for your kindness in sending me that little Book but I have been very sick for the last 4 weeks & only for a few days able to sit up so I could write with any comfort. Mr Powell was here this morning & has promised to return to tea & I take the opportunity of sending you a likeness of Genl Lee which we think good & which the artist has made a mourning carte - You must give much love to Ella & her dear little girl who Mary tells me is quite a beauty - I often think my dear Mrs S. of the visit I made you, & your great kindness & now I know that you all sympathise with me truly & sincerely It is a great alleviation of my women to know how many mourn with me & how many prayers have been offered for me & I have been wonderfully supported & even able to rejoice that my husband is now at rest in the Mansions of Heaven a rest he so much needed, that I would not recall him for my own selfish comfort tho = it is very lonely with out the strong arm & living heart on which I have leaned & trusted for so many years

May all you love be spared to you many years is the prayer of

Your attached friend

Mary Custis Lee