L-F Ltr Undated


Sunday Night

While I am waiting my dear cousin for your husband & little boy to come in, they having gone out to make some visits, I will write you a few lines & send some little things for you & the children Cousin Nat speaks of his wife & children with much pride. Every thing almost that he wears he says you made for him & we are glad to hear he has so good a wife to take care of him - I found a suit of Genl Lee 's clothes for him which I would have cleaned but there was not time. I send you a nice piece of soap you must lay them on a table & scrub hard with warm suds & wash off the soap & when you have cleaned all have them well spread - Perhaps you know better than I do - I send you an apron of my make & some little things for the children (Page 2) & will put up some tea-

I cannot write more as I am very tired though I have never seen you believe me your affecte cousin

Mary Custis Lee