L-F Ltr 23 NOV 1865


I was much gratified & surprised my dear Mrs Glenn to receive your kind note this morning - Your generous gift which I accept as a testimonial of your old friendship which I have never forgotten but in these long sad years have often enquired after you & yours- I only hope that you have not inconvenienced yourself in your kindness to me May the Almighty return into your own bosom what you & so many noble souls in Baltimore have done for our unhappy South I expect to join my husband at Lexington on Tuesday next & have been prevented doing so before by the delays he has experienced in preparing the house for our reception We shall at least have a house for the present thus I feel (Page 2) much like an exile until I get back to my beloved Arlington. I should be very glad to hear from you at Lexington & tell me about all your family & our friends in Baltimore & if you have heard any thing of Mrs Stiles - The girls unite with me in much love to you & all yours

Affectionately yr friend

M C Lee

I shall send this to my daughter Mary 's care who I hope will

see you

Address on envelope:

Mrs H. R. Glenn