L-F Ltr 11 SEPT (No year)


My dear Cousin Philip

I received your kind letter last night, & hasten to answer it, & express my thanks for the kind interest you have taken in our affairs, & your offers of assistance. I am so much out of the world, thirty six miles from a Rail Road, that I scarcely think I can undertake another trip to Washington (Page 2) especially as I think the matter can be arranged without me. Mamma wishes the things removed to Green 's warehouse in A Alexandria, @ & as Mr. Francis S. Smith, of that place, has been in the habit of attending to business for us, thinks that you had better send to him the A list, @ & official permission , & let him make all the arrangements about having things transported, stored, etc.. However, she is writing to you herself, & will write (Page 3 ) also to Mr. Smith on the subject. I should also be very much obliged if you would send me a copy of the list of articles. When at A Arlington @ last, I made out a list myself of all that I saw, but I could not obtain access to all the rooms. Of course, much is unretrievably gone, but what is left it would be a sad satisfaction to us to recover. We thought (Page 4) that as Mr. Smith lives in A Alexandria, @ has acquainted with the Greens, etc it would be more convenient, & save you much rouble, for him to attend to it, but at the same time is it needless to say how much we appreciate your kind efforts in our behalf, & offers of assistance. Please remember me very kindly to all my cousins who I much regretted not being able to get to see when (Closes out with remainder on Page 1) in Washington.

Believe me,

Truly yours.

Mary C. Lee