L-F Ltr 1 APR 1900


West Point Virginia

April 1st 1900

My dear “Whitice”

Two copies of the “The News of the Highlands” containing your “Recollections of West Point” reached me a few days since, forwarded to this place from my old address in Washington DC - I have enjoyed reading what you remember very much & regret that it is so little - There is to much I would like to recall - I find however that you remember more than & I do - There are many names & incidents that have never been in my mind since I was a boy there with you fifty six years ago. I would like to read all you write & hope you will have published in some form so that I can get it-

Tell all you can remember about every one & every thing -

I paid a visit to the old place in /94 - I hardly knew it- tho there were many of the old landmarks I recognized

Wishing you success & happiness in all things I am

Affectionately your old friend

R E Lee