L-F Ltr 20 OCT 1855


Washington Oct. 20: 1855

My dear Misses Beck & Lizzy-

I am about to call upon both of you to fulfil(sic) the promises - made by you on that sadly memorable evening, when we parted in the Mansion House, Alexandria which I suppose , however, you have forgotten together with the actors in that tragic scene, as I have been called upon to use my A paternal @ authority; as is to be you know, to make you write to Miss Laura A. Lippitt --?-- Mr H P. Lefebre Richmond, Va and I hope in my next to be able to commend you for the prompt manner in which said letter was written.

I have been for a few days past desperate. Miss Mary dined at Warwick on Tuesday. And the Capt: came up on Wednesday to take me over with cousins Ellen & Emily to dine at Arlington - but I was so busy I was not able to be found and the Capt. describing, when next we met, the exceeding loveliness & sweetness of the charming Mary caused. The Green Eyed monster to sit enthroned in my heart for a considerable length of time, but by the way, it just occurs to me that Miss Mary has two sisters at Staunton with you, and I must impress on your minds the fact that seriously I would not have them see or hear my above sentiments for anything under the sun. They might take up the idea that I really & nobly admired Miss M., which, you knowing where my = fections are fixed, certainly, of course, would never think of supposing - I = ve nothing new to tell you except, the last time I saw Mimmie, her face was immeasurable - You should have seen sister L. leave and all us crying for the --?-- - That was an interesting sight - I hope neither of you will give yourselves into the Insane Asylum or weep your selves into the Blind Asylum - After leaving you that evening, Le Medicin and I, could not get anything out of Budy except an occasional sigh- And he went to sleep with half formed intentions of being at the cars in the morning to bid you once more a last farewell - which I am going to say it falls to my sad lot, now to do.

I am in earnest about the caution in reference to the Misses Lee - Please kiss the prettiest young lady in the school for me, and write me word who the honored person is. Expecting soon to get a long letter signed M. R. F. W and another E. A. E. M. T. W. I am

Yours etc

W. F. L

Addressed to:

The Misses Wilmer