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W&L Authors on display

The following authors are currently on display in the Leyburn library.

Alexander, Raquel M. (Accounting), 2014, Using social media to report financial results, Business horizons, 57:2  WebBridge

Ayoub, Nadia A. (Biology), 2014, Intragenic homogenization and multiple copies of prey-wrapping silk genes in Argiope garden spiders, BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14:1  WebBridge

Bello, David A. (History), 2014, Environmental Issues in Pre-modern China, Oxford Bibliographies in Chinese Studies, :  

Connors, Christopher D. (Geology), 2014, Influence of the Kingak Shale Ultimate Shelf Margin on Frontal Structures of the Brooks Range in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report, 2014-5056:  WebBridge

Cumming, Douglas O. (Journalism and Mass Communication), 2014, So Splendid It Hurts, Journalism History, 40:1  WebBridge

Elliott, Colin P. (Classics), 2014, Review of the book Tout vendre, tout acheter. Structures et equipements des marches antiques. Actes du colloque d'Athenes, 16-19 juin 2009, edited by V. Chankowski & P. Karvonis, The Classical Review, 64:1  WebBridge

Gavaler, Chris (English), 2014, The imperial superhero, PS - Political Science and Politics, 47:1  WebBridge

Stuart, Dabney (English, Emeritus), 2014, Time's body: new and selected poems 1994-2014.   WebBridge

Wheeler, Lesley (English), 2014, The Humanities and the Work of Healing: A Conversation with Rafael Campo, Shenandoah, 63:2  WebBridge

Woodzicka, Julie A. (Psychology), 2014, Not all groups are equal: Differential vulnerability of social groups to the prejudice-releasing effects of disparagement humor, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 17:2  WebBridge

Mahon, James Edwin (Philosophy), 2013, MacIntyre and the Emotivists,

Schwartz, Adam L. (Business Administration), 2013, A Test of Technical Analysis: Matching Time Displaced Generalized Patterns, Financial Management, 42:2  WebBridge