Exhibit and Display Protocol

  • All curators must comply with the university’s Policy for the Use of Copyrighted Works
    • For example, permission must be sought from the appropriate copyright holder if a full length film will be shown on loop in an exhibit.
  • Exhibits should “reveal the sources of their viewpoint and encourage critical thinking represented by a multiplicity of voices and perspectives” (Lord & Piacente, Manual of Museum Exhibitions, 2014, p. 29).
  • In accordance with University policy and federal guidance, exhibits/displays should not serve as advertising for businesses or external organizations, should not promote private endeavors of library employees that could create a conflict of interest, and should not endorse or promote any particular political candidate for public office.
  • Suggestions for exhibits and displays will be approved via the Exhibit Coordinator (Emily Cook). Or, if housed outside of Special Collections, exhibits/displays must be approved by Tom Camden (Head of Special Collections & Archives). If a suggestion requires further deliberation, the discussion will be taken to Library Administration.
  • Traveling exhibits will be considered for display in the library. Many of these exhibits carry heavy fees. Those interested in hosting traveling exhibits should seek external/supplementary funding.
  • Large format printing will be provided gratis for one library-approved exhibit, per curator (organization, department, etc.), per academic year. A curator creating more than one exhibit in one year may be responsible for printing charges after his or her first exhibit.