Gift Policy

University Library Gift Policy

Donations of funds to support the library’s general acquisitions or for the purchase of materials in a particular subject field are welcomed and encouraged.

Donations of gifts in-kind may be accepted in accordance with the library’s collection development policies and priorities.

Gifts in-Kind: Anyone interested in making a donation should contact Prof. Elizabeth Teaff, Head of Access Services. She will discuss the gift materials with the donor and indicate whether or not the gift would be of value to the library. When Prof. Teaff is unavailable, please contact Carol Blair in our Acquisitions unit.

  • Acceptance of Gifts in-Kind: Books, manuscripts, and other materials donated to the library are designated for addition to the collections based on the recommendations of subject specialist librarians and faculty input.Factors considered when reviewing gifts include:
    • The relationship of the materials to the curriculum and faculty research interests
    • The strengths and weaknesses of the existing collections
    • The inherent value of the donated items
    • Potential duplication of materials
    • The capability of the library to process the materials

Once a gift has been received, the material is owned by the University Library. The library reserves the right to determine their retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to their use or disposition.

The library does not accept textbooks, sets of general encyclopedias, photocopied items, damaged or marked up items, and magazines or journals.

The University Librarian is the final authority of the acceptance and disposition of gifts.

  • Acknowledgment of Gifts in-Kind: Gifts are acknowledged via correspondence to the donor, and a record of the acknowledgment letter is maintained in the university library’s records. Donors of collections receive confirmation of the number of items donated, not a list of specific titles.
  • Transportation of Gifts in-Kind: Packing and transportation of the gift to the library is the responsibility of the donor.
  • Restrictions and Appraisals of Gifts in-Kind: Gifts with restrictions, such as separate housing, perpetual retention, restricted access or return of items not added to the collection, are usually not accepted.The University Library does not appraise gifts. This policy is endorsed by the American Library Association. The IRS requires an independent appraisal if a donor plans to claim a charitable deduction above a certain value. Tres Mullis, Executive Director for University Development, can assist the donor of a large gift in finding an appropriate appraiser and tax advisor.

Items for Special Collections: If your gift concerns materials that are rare, archival, or otherwise not targeted for the circulating collection, contact Prof. Tom Camden, Head of Special Collections & Archives, at (540) 458-8549.

Monetary Donations: Any gift of money should be directed to University Librarian Prof. John Tombarge at (540) 458-8134. He will work with you to select subject designations (if any) and the wording of the gift plate. In addition, Prof. Tombarge will contact the University’s Development Office, which will prepare an acknowledgment and receipt of gift, and credit the gift to the University Library’s account.