Permissible Uses of Copyrighted Material

Washington and Lee University respects the rights of copyright holders. Services provided by the University Library and Law Library comply with the provisions of the copyright law of the United States. We promote the legal use of digital and printed material.

Our license agreements with publishers allow for printing, downloading, and copying of licensed content by authorized users. Where off-campus use is permitted by license, users are required to authenticate through a user ID and password before accessing licensed content. Relevant laws and policies are posted at public printers and photocopiers. University Web pages advise Library users on their responsibilities and rights under the Copyright Act. Upon notification that a copyright infringement has occurred, a senior member of the staff will handle the matter.

Information posted, viewed or downloaded from the Internet may be protected by copyright, trademark or other laws. Reproduction of protected information is permitted only if such reproduction is (1) exempted by the statute including fair use or (2) based on express permission given by the copyright owner or authorized agent or (3) in compliance with use or permission guidelines posted by the owner or authorized agent of the information. It is each user’s responsibility while a member of the Washington and Lee University community to comply with applicable copyright and other legal restrictions and posted use or permission guidelines.