Scanning & Printing Protocol

Scanning services are intended for the W&L University community only.

Large Format Printing Overview
Large format printing is for the W&L University community only (current faculty, students, and staff) and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • items are made for classroom use, poster sessions, Science, Society, and the Arts or other conference presentations, and/or capstone projects;
  • items are for W&L department or W&L organization advertisements.

Submissions for personal printing are not accepted.  Personal printing is anything that does meet the criteria listed above.
See Turnaround Time section for large format commercial printer options.

Items that are 13×19 inches or smaller are not accepted. University Copying Services is available for small format printing.

Large Format Printing Pricing
Undergraduate Student printing for academic poster sessions: Posters for academic poster sessions: Academic posters created by students or by faculty/staff members in partnership with a student(s) are printed gratis.

  • Posters for academic poster sessions are posters created for a poster session that is presented either on- or off-campus and are not already subsidized by the Office of the Provost or other official University entity.
    • (examples: fall/winter term economics poster sessions, Shepherd Poverty poster sessions, LACS poster sessions)
  • To be printed gratis posters must have at least one undergraduate author.
  • If reprints are requested, due to typos or other issues that are not a result of the printing process, the University Library will charge for reprints at a rate $0.0125 per square inch.

Undergraduate Student printing for non-academic poster sessions: Student printing that is for academic use, but not part of a poster session is charged at a rate $0.0125 per square inch.

Faculty/Staff/Law Students large format printing: Posters created solely by faculty/staff/law students (without undergraduate student involvement) for academic poster sessions are charged at a rate of $0.0208 per square inch.

Department/Organization large format printing: Posters created for department or W&L organization advertisements, displays, or exhibitions are charged at a rate of $0.042 per square inch.

Design Assistance
Contact Elizabeth Anne Teaff or Emily Cook to schedule an appointment. During each appointment, clients are briefed on cost, software, image resolution, coloration, and general appearance of the work they are creating. There is no charge for this assistance.

Design assistance is available for the following types of large format printing projects:

  • Academic poster session printing (with or without student involvement)
  • Large format student printing for academic purposes, but not part of academic poster sessions

The University Library does not provide design assistance for Department or W&L Organization advertisements. For design assistance contact Publications and Graphic Design in the Office of W&L Communications

Turnaround Time
Large format printing turn-around time is at least 2 days (Monday through Friday) and may be longer during the summer months.

  • During times of heavy request volume, we prioritize printing for student and faculty academic poster sessions. Due this prioritization, turn-around time for requests for advertising or display purposes may take longer than 2 days.
  • Submissions of 10 or more prints at one time by the same individual, department, or organization may take longer than 2 days.
  • Commercial printers in the Rockbridge County area:
  • Commercial printers with online submission: