Guidelines for Faculty Streaming Requests (2020/21)

The library has limited funds for materials and works to accommodate faculty requests for teaching materials in all circumstances.

We need to be as equitable as possible and to plan for faculty needs for the entire academic year. Streaming video licenses generally expire after one year, do not remain in the library’s collection, and are expensive (often 10 times the price of a DVD).  A recent uptick in requests for streaming video licenses, due to the pivot to online instruction and COVID-19 preparations, has caused us to reevaluate our approach to this type of purchasing.

Accordingly, if streaming titles requested by faculty are:

  • Available for rental on Amazon/iTunes etc. for personal use and less than $5 per title or available through a popular streaming platform such as Netflix, the library will not license the films from institutional streaming services using library funds.
    • For film studies class (designation confirmed on Registrar’s website) the library will pay for all requested films as an exception to this procedure.
    • For non-film studies classes, if the aggregate cost of films requested, and available from personal streaming services, exceeds $25 per student the library will license some content to reduce the cost to the student.
  • Optional, additional, or selective material for a course then the library may decline the request.

Additional Information:

  • When bulk (more than 3) films are requested for one non-film course, the designated library liaison for the department will contact the faculty member to further discuss pedagogical needs and prioritize requests.
  • The library will not purchase streaming films for individual students, film clubs, or pay for the purchase of public performance rights for already existing film purchases/licenses except under special circumstances at the discretion of the library.
  • NOTE: Institutionally licensed films are prohibited from streaming via Zoom.