W&L Publications Wall

The Washington and Lee University Library seeks to promote the intellectual output of the University through the periodic display of faculty, staff, and student publications/artistic productions. Throughout the year, we will highlight the various activities of the University community on a wall on the main floor of Leyburn Library.

The following is our policy on this display:

  • During the academic year, we will make every effort to rotate publications on a monthly basis;
  • During the months of June, July, and August, we will keep the same display up for 9 weeks (due to decreased traffic in the library);
  • We will not repeat publications multiple times in the same academic year;
  • We will make every effort to rotate publications as close to their date of publication as possible unless we are holding items for a particular themed display;
  • Only materials that circulate or articles that are readily obtainable will be displayed (faculty/staff are welcome to donate articles for the display wall);
  • We will try to be inclusive and display as many different departmental/program publications as possible. Since not all disciplines publish at the same rate, we will do our best to be equitable and fair.

W&L Publications Wall
For questions regarding this policy contact Elizabeth Anne Teaff.